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NestCube brings marketing on the web to your fingertips. From creating beautiful, modern websites for each listing, to giving you the tools to spread the word through social networking. We simplified how to do all of the above without sacrificing quality.

Once logged into your NestCube account, you are presented with a roadmap to key areas of managing your online presence. NestCube social which resides at the top allows you to easily update your followers about upcoming listings and the next open home time. This area is followed by the options to manage your NestCube Agent Profile and your NestCube Listings.


Each new listing is provided with a number of tools specific to marketing that property. We provide listings with its own unique website, a social networking platform, marketing material, and more.

Agent Profile:

Every agent using NestCube gets his or her own agent profile website. Every profile is linked to the listings the agent has created, NestCube Social updates, biography information, and methods of contact. Everything you need for potential clients to reach out to you!

NestCube Social:

Social Networking is a powerful tool to spread the word about new and current listings. NestCube Social not only is a social network for NestCube users, but a method to easily publish to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Updates to listings through status updates or media updates are published to the listings social feed which can be followed by other NestCube users.

When you easily link your NestCube account to Twitter and Facebook, your status updates automatically feed into your social networking accounts. We also attach listing information automatically when your status updates are from your listings.

Smart Real Estate Messaging:

NestCube Messages was developed in order to easily categorize which message belongs to which listing. With multiple listings and multiple interested parties, it can be hard to keep track of which clients are inquiring about a particular property. We have simplified this for you by creating our Messages system. When you receive an email contact through your listing website or through a Craigslist reply, the message will automatically be categorized to that listing. In NestCube Messages, you will be able to view all messages or specific messages for a listing under its folder.