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Social Networking is a powerful tool to spread the word about new and current listings. NestCube Social not only is a social network for NestCube users, but a method to easily publish to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Updates to listings through status updates or media updates are published to the listings social feed which can be followed by other NestCube users. By linking your social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to NestCube, your feed is automatically published there, also. We automatically add your listing information and a photo these social networks so you don't need to worry about it.

For example, if you want to announce an open house for your beach house listing, simply surf to the listings management area and type in "Open house this sunday (July 8) from 2pm - 4pm!." We will automatically publish this update to Facebook and Twitter and attach the listing address and website URL along with a photo when available.

Linking your Social Networking accounts to NestCube:

In order to link your accounts to NestCube to automatically publish NestCube Social posts to them, simply click on the "manage your profile" area from the homepage, or alternatively click on the "profile" link from the menu above. Under "manage settings for social" you may click on the Facebook or Twitter linking buttons in order to connect NestCube with the respective social networks. You will be prompted whether or not to allow NestCube to have access to relative information and to be able to publish. You must click yes in order to continue! We will never publish to your social networks on our own -- it will only be used to publish your NestCube Social posts and updates.


You can follow other NestCube Social feeds in order to see the updates in your own Social Stream. If you wish to follow a particular agent, simply pull up the NestCube Profile for that agent and click on the "follow" button located above his or her Social posts. To follow updates to a listing, simply pull up the listing website and click on the "follow" button located on that page. You must already be logged into your NestCube account.


When you no longer wish to see an agent or listings NestCube Social posts in your own Social feed, you can "manage your social settings" under your profile area and unfollow any users or listings there.