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Each new listing is provided with a number of tools specific to marketing that property. We provide listings with its own unique website, a social networking platform, marketing material, and more.

Creating a listing:

Once you are logged in, click on the button under "manage your listings." Another alternative is to click on the "listings" area in the top menu. From there, you will see your current listings at the bottom of the page with an option to create a new listing.

Enter the requested information through the few easy steps. For instance, the title will describe the listing ("Russian Hill View Condo"), and the address must be unique to this property. It is important that the address be correct as the location will be checked and utilized on the listing website and elsewhere. The following step is to select a unique website address. We will provide several suggestions or you can create your own. We will soon allow you to purchase a customized website address (ie russianviewcondo.com) through our system. If you have already purchased a website address, you can contact us directly to link it with your listing website. Simply confirm the details of your new listing and you are set.

It is recommended that you fill out the details of your listing (such as description, price, etc). You are also recommended to upload photos and select a website design. As our listing websites focus heavily on the media and photos, we require that you have at least one high resolution photo uploaded for the listing before activating your website. The rest is done by us automatically so you need not worry about the technical parts!